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Model 1001 poses home
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With Model 1001 Poses app you will discover how to position your body in relation with the camera in a way that is best designed to maximize the dynamic line of the body. You will also see how a good body position helps to improve the visual quality of the photograph and highlight the clothing you are modeling.

Model 1001 Poses app

For Ipad & Iphone

Model 1001 Poses will give you the advantage of learning, in advance, the fundamental poses and attitudes that will ensure you always look professional and in control.

Easy to understand, the application was designed to be used on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Photographs of the application are in high resolution and they demonstrate clearly and precisely how to study each pose.

The application will also provide the necessary skills to develop a strong presence in front of the camera. You will be able to control and direct your energy efficiently.

The best posing guide for photography

You will learn how to:

Determine the best position's weight distribution

Control movement dynamic

Avoid distortions by body orientation

Position the pelvis to accentuate the curves

Control fast movement sequences

Properly capture light by evaluating angles

Use your hands to target points of interest

Work on the floor with grace and style

Enhance your presence in front of the camera


The Model 1001 Poses application originates from professional models agency and expert fashion photographer. Understanding that there was a need for a more structured knowledge base to help models posing, we have established a working method that allows models to strike outstanding glamour poses in front of the camera.

With Model 1001  Poses  you will learn a variety of poses and stylized movements specially created for photography. You will learn the golden rules that every model, beginner or professional should know. You will discover cutting-edge technology to help you develop a wide range of poses. You will see that using Model 1001 Poses will become a second nature to you.

A unique training program in modeling

The application will provide

The application can be used to learn how to strike the pose and to improve your skills. Also, the app contains a suite of poses designed to be used when posing in front of he camera. This section allows you to create your own favorite series of poses to practice at home or to execute during photo shoot.

With Model 1001 Poses you will be able to control your poses in front of the camera, no matter the situation. Whether you are working in the studio, outside location, in action or with a group, you will always be able to meet the photographer’s expectations.

Model 1001 Poses mission is to teach professional techniques that will complement your talent. Controlling posture as a model will facilitate your relationship with the photographer and ensure you a remarkable result.

With Model 1001 Poses, exceptional experience shall be gained in a very short time. As ability and confidence grows, tremendous energy will be released on the shooting stage.

Displacement on the shooting site

Posing with dexterity in front of the camera is inspiring for the photographer. He can focus all the needed attention on creativity and technique. He trusts the model and works with inspiration. Of course, the photographer takes care of the technical composition of the photo, while the model  contributes with attitude and charisma. Each pose transmits a different quality of energy. As  you change the pose, the  picture mood is transformed.

Fashion photography can be very complicated. Positioning feet, hands and head is not enough to do great pictures. The model needs to perform extraordinary presence in front of the camera.

If you want to become a top model in front of the camera, Model 1001 Poses is for you.

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